Beyond form, the object’s evolution takes shape

Evolution is the key to growth and sustainability. To evolve is to change into a better, more complex, or more advanced state. Life, the World, living things, human kind, economies, can only move forward and progress through a process where changes and transformations are inevitable. In the business world, we note that in today’s fast moving environments, progress can only be achieved by constantly reshaping and modeling how individuals and businesses think, plan and operate: from local to global, from productive to efficient, from organic to outsourced, from traditional to automated, from one generation to another… Rogers Capital believes in the power of technology to change the financial and business industry, making it more agile, efficient, and trustworthy. We also believe in the power of people to change the nature of investment advice, making it more transparent, objective, and personal. In the art world, the same process of evolution is essential. Artists start their work and creative journey using the matter in its raw complexion. They then transform it, giving it a meaning that results into portraits of our society, that come in various forms and shapes. It goes without saying that each work is an expression of the subject matter in the context of the values, culture, and events of its specific location and moment in time. Art is used as a lens through which the world can be analysed visually and understood internally. It can give any spectator a sense of harmony with humanity and allow him or her to experience change seamlessly, suggesting that the arts provide humans with a means of exploring the boundaries of innovation. It is quite clear that the similarities between these two worlds, the one of art and the one of business, were why Rogers Capital chose to accompany with great meaning and appreciation, this exceptional project curated by THE THIRD DOT. METAFORM, goes back to the basics, pushing the artist to see the world in three dimensions and demonstrating through this avant-garde exhibition, how evolution is the key to sustainable progress, inspired by the talent of the artist who invites his public to discover something new and surprising. There is something beautifully empowering in this initiative. Rogers Capital seeks to demonstrate how, that art and artistic causes are key to social and economic evolution. We believe that through art we can make the world a better place, hence our long term support and encouragement to artistic talents.
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