We curate art projects and work towards the improvement of local craftsmanship

From project design and development to implementation and follow through, THE THIRD DOT is a Curation platform. With expertise in curation, fine arts, marketing, brand strategy, retail and archive research, it advises, consults, plans, manages and amplifies tailor-made ideas. Project curation holds various categories: from contemporary art exhibitions (commissioned or held entirely by the platform itself) to corporate curations (working from archives, private art collections and/or taking the art world into a tangible concept for companies) THE THIRD DOT focuses on specific needs and proposes innovative ideas with pre-defined objectives.

Art Exhibition - Indian Ocean

Roger Charoux | Jocelyn Thomasse

Beyond form, the object’s evolution takes shape

by Vaco Baissac, Fabien Cango, Bernard Charoux, Roger Charoux, David Constantin, Yves David and Jocelyn Thomasse

by Djun Dulloo & Khalid Nazroo

by Maryann Maingard

By Laetitia Lor

Stephanie Desvaux’s solo exhibition | PATRON Rogers Capital

Celine le Vieux’s solo exhibition

A testimony to our existence on the Borderline

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