We curate art projects and work towards the improvement of local craftsmanship

From project design and development to implementation and follow through, THE THIRD DOT is a Curation platform. With expertise in curation, fine arts, marketing, brand strategy, retail and archive research, it advises, consults, plans, manages and amplifies tailor-made ideas. Project curation holds various categories: from contemporary art exhibitions (commissioned or held entirely by the platform itself) to corporate curations (working from archives, private art collections and/or taking the art world into a tangible concept for companies) THE THIRD DOT focuses on specific needs and proposes innovative ideas with pre-defined objectives.

Art Exhibition - Indian Ocean

A testimony to our existence on the Borderline

Beyond form, the object’s evolution takes shape

Roger Charoux | Jocelyn Thomasse

Stephanie Desvaux’s solo exhibition | PATRON Rogers Capital

By Maryann Maingard

By Laetitia Lor

Celine le Vieux’s solo exhibition

by Vaco Baissac, Fabien Cango, Bernard Charoux, Roger Charoux, David Constantin, Yves David and Jocelyn Thomasse

by Djun Dulloo & Khalid Nazroo

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