1000, member of The Primative Ö is Emil Movsisyan’s new project. His previous alias milmvs was originally a test, a kind of basis for the artist’s new structure. Inspired by the two worlds in which he lives his daily life, it is in Mauritius that he discovers his sensitivity for art in order to develop it in Paris in the LISAA school. Why a new alias? Because the human is constantly evolving and each phase should be named as chapters. Chapters that in the the end make up a life. Former participant of PORLWI by light 2016, it is after his appearance in the capital that he started to produce especially in partnership with The Third Dot during his series “This is not a Trip” and “Elle, Lui, Moi” but also with The Primative Ö with a hand-printed t-shirt collection but also a wall painting and a projection.


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