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New collective project THE SUMMER EXHIBITION.

Dear Artists

THE THIRD DOT is beyond happy to share with you our call for proposals for our new collective project: THE SUMMER EXHIBITION.

We wish for this exhibition to showcase the best of what our art space has to offer. What is making our nation’s culture beat? How does this island life impact our practices? What is our artistic temperature?

Don’t hesitate to spread the word and revert to us should you have any questions.
We hope to see you soon.

Alicia + Laetitia

CALL FOR PROJECT: Wednesday 7 September 2022
PROJECT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday 12 October 2022
EXHIBITION DATES: Friday 2 December – Sunday 18 December 2022
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday 1 December 2022
ARTWORKS DELIVERY ON SITE: 22 to 26 November 2022, from 9am to 5pm

In an effort to maintain professional exhibition practices, THE THIRD DOT implements the following rules and regulations for its Curators. We ask that Artists read and adhere to the rules and regulations, as THE THIRD DOT reserves the right to refuse submission to any Exhibit and will not accept artworks that do not comply to the stated rules and regulations. Observing the following points ensures that your artwork will be exhibited in the best possible way. We appreciate your support.

• Entries must follow our general theme. This show is all about inviting the public to discover the best of our nation’s culture.
• The call to proposals is open to amateur and professional artists; artists from 18 years old and older may apply
• The call to proposals is open to artists from Mauritius, Mauritian or living in Mauritius.
• The competition is open to 2 and 3 dimensional fine art productions: Photography, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Digital arts and Sculpture.
• Copies and reproductions of original works of art, whether embellished or not, are not eligible for
submission. However, fine art prints such as photographs, lithographs, woodcuts, engravings, etchings, screen prints and digital works are acceptable as long as they are labeled as such and numbered as an edition.
• No art previously shown may be submitted.
• All art pieces displayed are for sale.
• The submitted applications are viewed by the Curators.
• When the submission deadline expires, final decisions are made and Artists are contacted with the results of their entry.
• If accepted, Artists are informed of the next steps.

THE THIRD DOT is beyond happy to share with you our new collective project: THE SUMMER EXHIBITION.

For this exhibition we have showcased the best of what our art space has to offered.

In order to enter the project, all participants shall complete all demands therein.
To Submit Your Work please include the following information:
1. Written statement, maximum 200 words: Describe the invisible inquiry you are engaged in.
2. Brief biographical statement and a few words about your general artistic practice.
3. Provide one or more sketches of your proposal/ draft or photographs of work in progress / images of
existing artworks:
a. Those sketches must be transmitted as JPEG format no bigger than 2 MB;
b. All images uploaded for the purposes of completing the entry process shall not be manipulated or otherwise artificially or digitally enhanced by the Artist;
c. If you send pictures of existing artworks, please include the year of production, title, format and media;
d. Please send your image(s) as attachments rather than in the body of the email.

• Whilst there is no limit to the number of proposals an artist can submit, the selection requires a
minimum of 1 work and a maximum of 5 works per artist (exception made for polyptych works) for the
actual curation.
• Maximum size for all two-dimensional works must not exceed 300 cms in its greatest dimension.
Maximum size for all three-dimensional works must not exceed 100 cms in its greatest dimension. There is no minimum size limit.

The Curators’ decisions shall be final. Inclusion / Exclusion in the exhibit is at the sole discretion of the Curators.

As described above, all artworks on exhibit are for sale. There will be no “Price on Request” or “Not for
Sale” artworks accepted or permitted for entry into this exhibition.
All artworks sold in the exhibition are subject to a commission fee for the gallery space and THE THIRD

• The delivery of the works to and from the exhibition is the responsibility of the artists.
• All works should be delivered wrapped, when delivering in person.
• Framing or mounting of works, if required for the exhibition, is also the responsibility of the artist and
must be carried out prior to delivery.
• Works not requiring framing or mounting must be suitably protected to avoid damage in transit.
• Gallery wrapped canvases are acceptable, where the staples used to secure the canvas are not visible.
The sides of the canvas are prepared in the same manner as the face or front.
• All work must be securely wired with appropriate fittings for the weight of the work.
• Each piece must be identified with the name of the artist and the title of the work on the back.
• All works on paper, including photographs, must be framed. Glass and Plexiglas must be clean inside
and out, unscratched and intact.
• Frames must be in good condition, free of scratches and loose corners.

The work submitted is intended to be exhibited.
In order for THE THIRD DOT to promote the given work in an efficient manner, the artist exclusively
assigns the totality of the public performance right attached to the work. The artist assigns THE THIRD
DOT and the gallery space (namely, La Galerie du Génie at EDITH), on an exclusive basis, the totality of
the right of representation and public execution to promote the work, in all media, for the whole world,
and for the duration of copyright protection.

The assignment of copyrights to the work in question aims to ensure the promotion of the work of the artist in Mauritius. Thus the work submitted is intended to be exhibited, loaned, reproduced in catalogs, monographs, displays, advertisements, diffusions and / or communications by way of the press such as the internet; The assignment of intellectual property rights referred to above does not include the right for THE THIRD DOT to edit or have edited, adapt or have adapted the work. The assignment of the copyright in the work is valid for the whole world and will be effective throughout the legal term of the
author’s protection of literary and artistic property.

Personal data concerning the artists may be used by THE THIRD DOT and the gallery space on their respective websites and on any other medium that THE THIRD DOT and the galerie space deem necessary.

THE THIRD DOT must review and approve in advance, any unconventional methods of display or hanging presentation.
Once an accepted piece of artwork is installed in a show, no requests for moving any art pieces, or to change the location of any art pieces, will be considered or accepted.
Placement and position of art in the Exhibit is up to the discretion of the Curators.
If you have any questions regarding themes and rules, please contact us.

We feel like this is intermission. We take a breath, we try to deal with the current situation, we gather our thoughts, we hold still for a moment; time is suspended. Tomorrow doesn’t exist just yet. But we hope. Our survival instinct is strong. So we hope. For better days. For adaptability skills. We hope. To find deeper meanings, relevant answers, quick solutions. And we hope. For a strong sense of culture. For Art to be everywhere. For people to re-unite in joy.

Whilst we look forward to brighter days… We are going to share with you some things we love, Art we’ve come across, concepts that raise our interests. Thoughts, reactions, questions are more than welcome. We hope you’ll enjoy this journey with us. With love, A&L

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