Ti Zan Gato Kanet, 2019

Acrylic, collage, oil and oil stick on canvas
120 x 150 cm

Djun’s work also avoids the idea of being frozen in terms of creative process. On the one hand, the artist moves back and forth between the automatism of his gesture, his taste for coincidence and for more constructed and structured techniques. On the other hand, he simply sweeps away time and space, weaving links with Art History and referring to Matisse, Picasso, from whom he takes up certain questions, when he does not choose to clearly mention emblematic works, such as Vinci’s “La Cène” or Manet’s “L’Olympia”. Finally, in other artworks, Djun integrates images, photos, and even copies of digital archives (such as in “Sieste avec Papaye” and “Luxe, Calme et Volupté,” where we can see a real tribute to Matisse).


Creole and African popular cultures are reflected in Djun’s diversified artworks, along with a reflection on the Western culture, as well as on many universal myths, which he has addressed over time. Similarly, Khalid’s links with Africa, Asia and a multitude of other countries reflect the many journeys of this discoverer-researcher. Memories from here and elsewhere, from yesterday and today are intertwined in the work of these World Citizens Djun Dulloo and Khalid Nazroo, eclectic artists who multiply languages, blend techniques, transgress categories, and work on memory, between recovery and erasure, through raw, powerful and colourful images. 

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