Source, 2019

Ink on paper
50 x 65 cm
[Frame quoted on request]

Even as a child Simon Back reveled in art. Born in Zimbabwe in 1966, he majors in Fine Arts at Cape Technikon in Cape Town. He begins what he calls graphic art before realizing it is painting he prefers. His life changes radically when he meets the owners of Gallery Delta in Harare. He styles himself and his art as hyperrealistic- his drawing are flawless- but Helen Leiros guides him toward abstract art. The artist is accustomed to discarding major elements until only the little that is left dominated the entire canvas. The oeuvre divulges certain secrets, keeping others camouflaged. Between opacity and transparence, his use of light or shadow reigns. Simon is currently presented at the MOCAA in Cape town and his work is highly valued on the Mauritian market.

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