Overwhelming II, 2016

Painting on metal plate
90 x 60 cm

Laetitia Lor’s practice integrates more and more a minimalistic approach and a  voluntary reduced chromatic palette. The series that she presents here goes in line with the search for new materials inspired by the sculptor Carl Andre: she works on tin canvases (support), a specific material which transmits a  strong feeling to the viewer by its presence only. Every new composition is coming from a conceptual background.  

Her painting work visually resembles a cartography viewed from above. Her process requires observation, control and a constant back-and-forth dynamic to see how matter reacts. This delightful duel, this alchemic relationship, often mentioned over this last decade, allows her to live her art in a happy union of various products, to finally move towards purification. 

The alchemist reduces her list of ingredients and distances herself from effect paint. Her palette is deliberately diminished. Its colours are diluted with water and materialise the erasure. Chemicals only intervene as witnesses to accomplished work, through some textured traces. However, Laetitia knows how to keep her origins (artistic and cultural) everywhere; we have to know where we come from so that we never really get lost. 

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