Island Arithmetic 002, 2019

Limited Edition Prints 1/10
Printed on 100% Cotton, Smooth Bright White 315gsm Fine Art Paper
Hand-numbered & Signed
30 x 30 cm – [Unframed]
Frame quoted on demand

Island Arithmetic examines still images of the built environment and the contemporary urban landscape, bringing together the work of Bark in the Yard (affectionately known as Bark), a collective of youth-oriented, urban artists of diverse backgrounds. United by their vivid attention to color and form, the artists depict physical structures and public spaces with a nuanced consideration of social context. Drawn from series taken in various Mauritian cities, Island Arithmetic—in its first volume and field study—portrays civic buildings, structures, murals, and urban sprawl, profiling shapes, structures, moments and people discovered on journeys across the island. Abstract compositions from everyday life, deeply rooted in the urban environment, images moving between interior and exterior, surface and frame, sometimes dense with information, other times using flat color planes and rhythmic geometric patterns as raw material. The images are often imbued with emotional and social significance and communicate the contradictions present in contemporary island life. In large-scale, quiet prints and video works, Bark in the Yard explores notions of concealment, the dichotomy between interior and exterior spaces, and the act of looking in a media-saturated environment. United by the need to reveal the less popular and stereotypical aspects of island life, all that is commonly excluded from traditional on the road literature; places and imagery that, in politically correct form, are always excluded from the collective fantasy of the island dream, pre-packaged for tourists and staged for a family holiday on glamorous beaches. Rather than conveying only documentary statements, the works establish an open-ended dialogue about social and generational identity amidst shifting visual narratives of the urban environment and island lifestyle.

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