Bernard Charoux started to paint at the age of 10 with the teachings of his father Roger Charoux. He undertook painting courses through Serge Constantin at the Plaza theatre at the age of 13. Joined the Saturday group of painters founded by Serge Constantin & other artists. After a pause & studies abroad in Interior Design, he joined again the same group of painters whose members are today Jocelyn Thomasse, David Constantin, Roger Charoux & a few other artists. Now paints regularly since 1998. On the lookout for structured subjects, historical buildings & sites as well as subjects depicting typical life scenes, which explains his fondness for Port-Louis with its rich patrimony, but also the Port & the Country-side. His means of expression is achieved through figurative Art which he prefers to Contemporary Art, although he admires the latter for its research. He works mostly with Water colours, although he sometimes takes out his oil paints & boards.

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