Bark in the Yard humbly began in Europe as a small collective of globe-trotting, underground artists and expressionists with deep roots in urban, youth and board sport culture. Today, Bark in the Yard aims at collaborating with urban artists, photographers, filmmakers, anarchists, teenagers, and researchers from around the globe, all of whom share our passion for storytelling. United by a vivid attention to colour and form, the collective explore notions of concealment, the dichotomy between interior and exterior spaces, and the act of looking in a media-saturated environment. The works establish an open-ended dialogue about social and generational identity amidst shifting visual narratives of the urban environment, counterculture movements and contemporary lifestyles. It aims at investigating our understanding of a globally connected reality and the interpretative grids through which we think about, experience, evaluate and decide to act in places, spaces and the communities in which we live.


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